So I was thinking about this idea of divorce parties…

USA Today recently had an article about the hot new concept of divorce parties. A direct analog to the bachelor/ette party, the divorce party is intended to represent a “rebirth” after the unfortunate right of passage that is marital dissolution.

My SoCal friends will look to Las Vegas as the natural site for such a shindig. Just like LA, you can find anything in Vegas, only bigger, badder, and almost certainly more expensive. 

If you want to partake in this new ritual, there are lots of ways to spend/save your money.  From the prestige of the venue to the quality of the refreshments and entertainment, there are lots of ways to go.  Think about what’s important to you, just like when you got married.  Are you a homebody into craft beer and fine scotch?  Throw a house party!  Looking to send a message that you’re moving on, and up?  Hold court at the local upscale hotel bar.  Money to burn?  Your well-heeled caterer/travel agent will know what to do.

A word of caution: Be careful what you post online!  Plenty have found themselves in trouble for posted party pix only to discover the ex using them against you in court.  Enjoy yourself but have a designated “social media” driver.