Enforcing Orders

Enforcing Orders

Support Enforcement

The collection of past due payments for child support and spousal support are unique areas of family law that require special knowledge and handling.

Sometimes it seems easier to focus on the future instead of ruminating on the past when it comes to an ex partner’s failure to pay court-ordered support. Particularly if you’ve somehow managed to make ends meet, seeking help to enforce your support order might seem like a daunting task. Maybe you’ve heard “you’ve taken enough from me already” or “it’s always about money with you.” Don’t feel guilty about enforcing your rights, or your children’s rights!

Too often, people forget that financial support can mean the difference between struggling and security. If you’re getting by without the full amount of your court-ordered support payments, that usually means you’ve had to use other resources that would have otherwise been available to you. Plus, depending on your particular situation, you may be entitled to interest and penalties for back support, and even attorney’s fees to reimburse you for your enforcement efforts. You have options; don’t let the past hold you and your family back.

Whether you’ve been short-paid or you get no payments at all, you should know your rights before you make decisions about your family’s financial future. Before you make the difficult decision to start a legal fight, educate yourself. 

Support enforcement doesn’t automatically mean you’re starting World War III; avoiding court is our specialty. Specifically, Stephen L. Cawelti was able to settle his client’s past due support dispute for almost $1,000,000 without going to court. He was able to leverage the tools available to support recipients to maximize the pressure to settle. Whether it’s seizing property or levying financial accounts, the Law Offices of Stephen L. Cawelti can help you plan your strategy for maximum impact. Of course, “your mileage may vary”, but with our firm’s experience in support enforcement, along with our background in human psychology, we can help you devise the best plan to get you your money.

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