Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial And Post-Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements help protect separate property rights and delineate resolutions of issues in the event of divorce. When hiring a prenup lawyer, it is important that you choose someone who has extensive experience in crafting a detailed, professional agreement. At the law office of Stephen Cawelti, we carefully craft procedures for establishing community and separate property after marriage, applicable in the event of divorce or the death of one or both of the parties.

Prenups and Postnups serve the same purpose. The only difference is that the prenuptial agreement is executed prior to the wedding and the post-nuptial agreement is executed after the wedding has taken place. These agreements can provide important protections to the spouses and save them time and money if they get divorced. Of course, special rules apply to each type of agreement, so proper drafting and procedural requirements must be considered.

Regardless of who needs the protection and assurances of a premarital agreement, it is important that you have a qualified family law attorney representing you, whether drafting or reviewing the proposed agreement. At the Law Offices of Stephen L. Cawelti, we specialize in prenup agreements and postnuptial agreements. You can be confident that we will deliver the best product for your needs in the drafting, review, negotiation or litigation of premarital and post-marital agreements.

Our priority is to protect you now and in the future. Contact our office today to ensure that you get the right results for you and your future family.

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